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This unique program will help you understand HUMANS (including yourself!), create + sell your offers using marketing psychology, make twice as much working half the time and help more people, without burning out wasting time on things that don’t work and do it so much faster than you could on your own.

If you have a program, course or membership you're trying to sell (and it's not selling as well as you'd like)...

OR you sell it pretty well (but burning the heck out in the process)... this is for you.

-- For coaches, course creators, consultants, trainers, teachers... you get the idea ‚ėļÔłŹ --

When you become a People Genius, you'll be able to...

  • Take more time off, because everything you do will work better & faster.

  • Increase¬†your income dramatically by making offers that LAND (instead of crash ūüėÜ).¬† Things people actually want to buy... even for more $.¬† Even if you're struggling to get many yeses at lower prices now.

  • Work with great people¬†who listen, because you'll know how to get more committment from them.

  • Enjoy¬†your businesses again, like¬†you imagined¬†you would when¬†you first started.

  • Stop second-guessing everything you do, say and write endlessly... because your instincts will be trained on what is more likely to work.
  • Never wonder "what am I doing wrong?".¬† Do¬†things confidently, and if it doesn't work... you'll know how to figure it out.

 You're probably a lot like me...

You wanted a successful business instead of your old job because...

  • You have a valuable skill or knowledge you are certain will help people,¬†you can change lives.¬†
  • Making more money¬†is a good thing, you can give you and your family the lifestyle you never had growing up.
  • You want¬†freedom¬†to travel and choose when, where and how much you work.
  • You love the feeling that¬†you made a difference¬†to someone and the gratitude they express to you for changing their life or helping remove their problem.

The problem is…

  • Your launches flop, and if you knew the real reason why, you would have already fixed it.
  • You often get no‚Äôs or indecisive people when you try to sell¬†even if they desperately need the help you can offer.
  • Burnout! You¬†mighty be over-delivering¬†on your programs, and giving too much, which results in being worn out and trying random things to try to get out of the mess you are in.
  • You¬†don‚Äôt even know what to include in your programs, and you are just pulling the ideas out of your ear holes and hoping it will all be good.
  • You think you‚Äôre saying all the right things, it all sounds great to you, but it just doesn't work.
  • You feel like everyone else around you is killing it, and you don't know what on earth you're doing wrong.¬† You start wondering if you even belong in this world.
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Most people try things like:


Buying into some new system that promises crazy results, like "have a 7 figure business fast!" or "Go from $0 to $75K per month overnight without launching, in an hour or two a day, or without knowing much of anything!"

Hiring more and more team members, complicating your business and causing unnecessary stress and responsibility you don’t need right now.

Attempting to mask the real problems by going for VOLUME, spending more on ads, doing more sales calls that cost you more time and money.

Spending even more money on super expensive programs that can cost $10,000 or even much more when you are already low on funds.



If you are struggling with inconsistent income, annoying ups and downs, not reaching your full potential, burnout or just tired of waiting to get where you want to go...

It’s *probably* not your fault.

I have been there myself. I understand what you are dealing with. 

BUT "it's not your fault" doesn't mean "there's nothing you can do". 



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The good news is…

Being successful is not usually a result of natural abilities... it's about learning what you don't know, developing skills, and following steps. 

What stands between you and the success you want is really ONE thing... an instinct that very few have and anyone can learn. 

>>>You absolutely MUST be able to understand exactly what your audience wants and how to SAY IT <<<

And create programs and online courses that include those things that the want, and none of the stuff they don't. 

And know how to talk about them in a way that makes YOUR people want to buy. 

‚ú®Knowing WHAT TO SAY because you know HOW PEOPLE THINK.‚ú®

For example, just tweaking your program's features slightly, or how you word the outcome, can have a HUGE impact alone.  

Many of the stories you see below, they got these results mostly by just improving one or two things about their offer, or the exact words they chose to use.

EXAMPLE: I just recently had a quick conversation with a super smart guy who got 9 no’s in a row for his high-ticket offer (a $12k program), and after tweaking a few small things in his sales chats, he got 3 yeses in a row.  $36k suddenly... just by asking a couple different questions and tweaking some of the words he'd use when he'd say the price.

The reason for this is so common, is that words are very powerful when you know how to use the right ones. 

(Which means you can easily make back your investment for this program by selling one more online course or coaching program.)

I thought I was doing it right but...


It’s embarrassing to say, but my first launch did $0.  ZERO DOLLARS.  

I did eventually get my online business going, but it was at the expense of my sanity and at the cost of the freedoms that I started the business to enjoy.

I was undercharging big time, which meant I needed LOTS of clients.

I over-delivered by doing things that weren't even included, just to make people happy, or because I was just too nice.

The stress was intense, hoping for the next attempt to succeed enough to pay the bills for the month.

Then a funny thing happened…

I almost died.

Okay, now we can laugh about it.  I'm not sure what that means about our sense of humor... but...

In the process of going through a terrible health scare (cancer), I more than doubled my income after only gradual increases over the previous 12 years. 

The way I got there was something I didn’t see coming…

  • Changing my health habits so I stayed alive.¬†
  • Having time to read tons of books while I recovered.
  • Understanding people MORE.¬† What motivates them, what they really value, and how to use this info to create offers people want and describe them in a way that makes them say yes... that was the real secret.

With that greater level of clarity on that ONE thing... I had a better superpower: a stronger instinct.  I knew what ideas were more likely to work.

Since then, we've become known for doing 5 and 6 figure launches to suuuuuper tiny groups of people.

And known for helping thousands of other people get more of the people they want... and the income they want... and work less.

Do it simple, and do it well.  That's how we roll.

Seems complicated?


I'm gonna be straight with you...

I am not into fluff and long motivational speeches where you might feel good but then don’t know what to do!

I am into practical steps, clear principles, and telling you exactly what to do, how to say things, what will work and what won't, so you have full confidence in the effort you put into creating your offers & selling them.

Because of this...

You can sell a lot more of your stuff and feel like a mindreading marketing psychology wizard doing it.

Everything you need to know to make your online business highly successful in simple steps, things like:

  • Clearly explained principles and to do‚Äôs
  • Step-by-step guides and direction
  • Specific phrases and magic sentences to use
  • Proven complete successful programs¬†and tons of examples
  • Everyone's favorite: HOW TO SAY STUFF

I'll show you step-by-step how to communicate so you get committed people, and you make way more in a lot less time. 

↳ (Let's get rid of that burnout.)

You'll get exactly who you want, and they'll instantly see why you're offer is exactly what they want, even if you raise your prices.

↳ (No more feeling like you need a HUGE list or a bagillion people finding you, in order to make enough $.)

You'll also learn exactly what to say (our original, most beloved, insanely popular, magical, conversational way of selling that you can use in sales videos, emails, and 1-on-1 convos).  And, of course, the psychology behind every sentence.

↳ (Never feel pushy or ever feel the need to say "I hate selling" ever again.)

You'll also learn the exact features that YOUR people want you to include in your programs, online courses, memberships, masterminds and other offers, and the psychology behind what people value in a program, and what they don't.

These are the things people really want, and make them want to buy.

Feel like a mind reader by understanding your audience so well you can speak to them using the exact right words that will motivate them to say yes, and get great results after they buy... which means gratitude for you, plus more income while working less.

What people love about this program is it’s fun!


Students tell me they love knowing things that other people don’t.

Understanding how people think is very interesting, it makes you feel like you have a superpower.

You won’t believe you ever made a dollar without this knowledge and these skills, because the way you think will be changed forever.

You will look at marketing with new, educated eyes, with your instincts trained with the insight you needed all along.

And, as a really cool perk - you'll understand YOURSELF better, too.

If all this program did was one of the following:

  1. Help you have the instinct you need so you know what your people really want... and every idea you have will be BETTER.  More likely to actually work.
  2. Help you understand YOURSELF better... and why you do what you do.  And how that might be different from your audience.
  3. Help you raise your prices and feel good about it, knowing what people will be willing to pay MORE for, which means you will need fewer buyers every month.
  4. Feel confident selling because you have a plan to follow that works and is comfy and conversational.
  5. See your income skyrocket even if you have a very small list.
  6. Get more students who listen and get better results, which means a deep sense of satisfaction for you and no imposter syndrome.
  7. Teach you exactly what to include in your offers, like online courses and masterminds so people see the value and want to buy and so you don’t burnout over-delivering.
  8. KEEP YOU GROWING... Grow your business by making more money in less time so you don’t need to hire a big team (unless you want to), so your business is simple.

Most people who say any one of these would be worth the investment in this program.  (And in my humble, but accurate, opinion… that’s true.)

This program is designed to provide you with not one or even two of these benefits…

But all eight … plus much more!

People Genius is self-paced.

Here's how it's all going down:


Live Virtual Workshops

Live training as a group in a learn-while-you-do format.  There will be 3 live virtual retreats, and you're not at all required to be there live.  You can watch the replays and get the same benefits out the workshops. These will happen in May & June.


On-Demand Training

Videos, downloads, templates, cheatsheets, things you can copy, proven ideas, and extra training on a bunch of things that will help you get to your goals the fastest possible way. 

Only what you need.  Nothing that you don't.




Coaching Calls

Extra opportunities to hang out live on zoom, get coaching, brainstorm with the other brilliant people in the workshop, ask questions... or send in your questions so you can hear the answers when you catch the replays.



We like to surprise everyone along the way.  You'll get some really cool things (some are mentioned below), and as we go, we'll add new ones based on requests and desires we see from the group along the way.


You have two simple choices...


Continue on the path you are now, alone. You are living with that nagging feeling of knowing you have more unrealized potential for income and helping people, but unsure what you are missing.

Or even worse, struggle and stress as your promotions flop, and your ad spend skyrockets.

All you see ahead is trying lots of random ideas, complicating things, jumping from one strategy to another, only to be left disappointed, embarrassed and confused.

(I hear someone has a¬†$7 e-book teaching everything you need to know for an 8 figure business‚Ķ Maybe try that?? ūüėÜ ūüôĄ )




You can do things the easier, faster way. Feeling confident, excited about the possibilities for your business.

You feel like you have an unfair advantage, and you do. You understand how people think, know how to listen to them, they feel understood and happy to buy from you.

Not only is this the easy choice but you aren’t alone.

I (Molly) and a group of kind, helpful people are going along with you, supporting you with encouraging words, and of course specific advice to overcome problems quickly.

Sometimes we overthink simple decisions, this is an easy one. I can't wait to get to know you in People Genius.

Awesome things you'll learn...



  • The secret features you absolutely must include in your programs that cost you NO extra work and practically guarantee that¬†people are happy to spend a lot.
  • The clever way to deal with ‚ÄúI have to think about it,‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúI need to speak to my spouse" objection, which turns what would have been no‚Äôs into high paying clients.
  • How to have a high income even if you have a very small list or nobody knows who you are yet.
  • The specific questions you need to ask someone so they feel listened to, understood and more likely to buy.
  • How to know how much to charge for your offers so they are priced just right, which means you aren‚Äôt overworking and your clients are committed and get results.
  • How to make a lot of money fast when you have an unexpected emergency or expense in your family using the most simple launch strategy I know.
  • The best way to get your students to use the programs they buy from you so they get the best results and so you don't feel guilty.
  • Offer creation mistakes that will cause you to undercharge, feel burned out, and get clients who are unhappy.
  • Programs that get better results for your students which mean they will not only be grateful, but rave about you to others, willingly give you testimonials and be a joy to work with.
  • How to ADD offers to what you already do... or raise your prices wisely.¬† What will¬†people be willing to pay MORE for?¬†¬†You'll learn that too!


So... what do I REALLY get, Molly? 

This program is about the *strategy behind your offers & pricing*, the *minds of the people you serve*, and *the words you use*. 

Taking a deeeeeeep look at your audience and completely understanding how they think and what they want.

(Perfect for psychology nerds... but also if you just wish your business was going better.)

FROM that you will have the instincts to create amazing offers, and anything else you learn and do in your business will WORK BETTER.

You'll make more.  And work less.  

Your stuff will stop struggling to sell.

If something doesn't work, you'll know why.

You'll have better ideas.

You'll get more committed clients.

EVERYTHING is tied to THESE skills.

Super Bonus #1


My secret weapon when you really need to earn money fast.

Several months ago we tested a secret email with the purpose of filling a high ticket mastermind program.

This email worked so well, we sold out in days, meaning 6 figures from a one email.

We then passed this email on to a friend of ours who teaches something completely different.  They tweaked a few bits to make it good for their audience and THEY sold $100k, too.

So far this one email has been sent by at least 4 and has resulted in several hundred thousand dollars.

You will receive the exact email with a line by line explanation of the psychology of the wording, why it was written that way and why it worked.

I only ask one favor, that you report back your results to me when you simply adjust the words to fit what you teach and send it, and that you don’t give it away to others. 

I'm also going to explain what features we included in the mastermind that the email promoted.

Surprisingly, the mastermind only had TWO FEATURES!

I'll tell you why they were so valuable. The key is in how I described them. The words are always the key.

Someone actually responded to the email, complimenting the actual email, saying it spoke right to them and they just wanted to be around people who wrote copy like that.  So they joined.

The students had incredible success, even doubling or tripling their income while working less!

Besides that, the mastermind group is so enjoyable to run. You can do the exact same thing!

Super Bonus #2


Weird, usual, and high-converting pricing strategies. 

Are you an open minded person?

Some people thought I was a little crazy using pricing strategies like "Pay What You Want" offers.

That’s right, I gave people the option to pay anything, even zero for one of my classes, and guess what… this actually increased my sales and income!

How was this?

It all has to do with the marketing psychology strategies I have been telling you about. In this bonus I will run you through everything you need to know to run a Pay-What-You-Want launch. 

WARNING: do not try this without this help.  It can go very very very wrong.

What about charging for your webinars? How much? Or is it better to always do free training before you ask for a sale? Should you charge for a coaching consultation?

I have tested all these strategies and will give you everything you need to know, so don’t have to go testing everything on your own, and so your next launch will be a great one.


Here's What Others Are Saying...

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Meet Molly… at your own risk!

This is your last chance to stop, turn around and forget you ever started reading this.

If you continue, it's all on you and we promise your life will never be the same again.

If you like the way your business and life is, she isn’t for you because getting to know Molly will change your life… for the better! 

(Some people just enjoy misery and if that's you, you're definitely in the wrong place.)

Molly is a serious nerd when it comes to understanding why people do what they do. 

She has piles of books about marketing psychology, marketing behavior, and personality science.

The thing she really likes to collect are business owners (especially introverts).  She helps them make hard-to-believe amounts of money, while working with people that appreciate them and get great results.

These people often become her valued friends.  She does this helping them understand their audence and then by using that intel to craft the exact sentences to say.  Words so persuasive that buying becomes their idea and desire. 

Molly is very silly, easy to get along with and ultra caring and helpful.

She loves traveling, scuba diving and carefree days going to unique coffee shops and local markets.

Molly has three kiddos¬†(9, 11 and 14). She has¬†been known to corrupt the minds of these innocent ones...¬†¬†Examples include the family drives that are known as, ‚ÄúThe Secret Family Podcast‚ÄĚ, where Molly and Jason discuss some complicated philosophical topic as the kids listen on.¬†

Kyle (14) later says, ‚Äúthis is the best day ever!‚ÄĚ after having his mind filled with endless psychological terms and theories.

Family conversations go on and on about the ins and outs of personality tests and types, and the kids argue about who reads more books and whether fiction or nonfiction are better, all his to the sound of Casey (9) effortless twisting his many Rubiks cubes, trying to break his old records on how fast he can solve them.

Weirdos, indeed.

Molly has spent what feels like her entire life figuring out why people do what they do and buy what they buy. 

And over the past 12 years has had the joy of teaching thousands of other fun and creative entrepreneurs to figure out their clients (and themselves) so they can influence, impact and comfortably persuade more people... AND make more money.

And getting it down to a science, so you can learn why YOUR people do stuff.


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Get in here!



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then 5 payments of $397 starting in a month

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Yes! A 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don't think this original, easy to follow, step-by-step program (which has helped so many¬†entrepreneurs¬†increase their income dramatically) will help you make more money in less time, then just send me a simple email asking for a refund (within 30 days). No questions asked, no fine print, no need to explain yourself. I will take all the risk because I fully believe this program can do wonders for your business, since I have seen firsthand how it has helped so many¬†people just like you.¬† Just email [email protected] and you'll be refunded right away.

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